JAKARTA – PT Hutama Karya (Persero) (Hutama Karya) turns 62 years old today, Wednesday (29/3). At that age, it was not easy for Hutama Karya to maintain his consistency in creating infrastructure development in Indonesia.

Executive Vice President Hutama Karya Corporate Secretary Tjahjo Purnomo said that at the age of 62, Hutama Karya's anniversary raised the theme "Move Faster with the Best Work" which has such a deep philosophy for Hutama's people.

"Hutama Karya has a commitment and is always optimistic to continue to move quickly in the successful development of infrastructure projects and business development with the best work for advanced Indonesia," he said.

Tjahjo further said that currently Hutama Karya is focused on completing ongoing Trans Sumatra Toll Road (JTTS) projects and searching for new projects.

"One of the new projects being worked on by Hutama Karya is the Karang Joang-KKT Kariangau Segment IKN Toll Road which is targeted for completion in 2024," he said.

In 2022, Hutama Karya has succeeded in completing several mega projects starting from the Trans Sumatra Toll Road (JTTS) Binjai – Langsa Section Binjai – Stabat Section (11.8 Km), Bengkulu – Taba Penanjung Section (3.4 km), Pekanbaru- Bangkinang (30.9 km), Semantok Dam in East Java, Al Jabbar Mosque in West Java, Dr. Ben Mboi in East Nusa Tenggara.

"This year, Hutama Karya is targeting the completion of the 361 km long JTTS construction and several other construction service projects, including Tigadihaji Dam in South Sumatra, Ameroro Dam in South Sulawesi, Sanglah Hospital in Bali, Turyapada Tower in Bali, PLTGU Tambak Lorok in Semarang. and EPC Tuban Jetty in East Java," added Tjahjo.


Reinforcing the portfolio and increasing size of the company at the age of 62, Hutama Karya recorded a significant increase in total assets over the last 5 years, namely growing by IDR 108.438 trillion from total assets in 2017 of IDR 48.716 trillion to IDR 157.154 trillion in in 2023, or an increase of 223%. This was further strengthened by the solid EBITDA growth of IDR 3.421 trillion, growing 43% YoY and also the company's increasingly solid liquidity. In addition, Hutama Karya has also implemented digitalization in all of the company's business lines, including by implementing technologyEnterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Full Module and alsoBuilding Information Modeling (BIM).


In terms of Social and Environmental Responsibility (TJSL), Hutama Karya is committed to sustainable development by providing economic, social, environmental as well as legal and governance benefits so that they are well integrated. During 2022, the total disbursement of TJSL Hutama Karya funds is IDR 13.54 billion which is divided into 4 (four) main pillars namelySocial Pillar(education, health, and hunger and poverty eradication sectors) of IDR 4.13 billion (30.50%),Economic Pillar (development and funding of UMK and village infrastructure) of IDR 7.39 billion (54.58%),Environmental Pillar(waste processing, animal conservation, greening, disaster response, community sanitation, and religious assistance) of IDR 1.87 billion (13.81%) andLaw & Governance Pillar (women's empowerment) of IDR 150 million (1.11%).

In carrying out this pillar, Hutama Karya focuses on 4 main programs entitled HK Cares, namely in the areas of HK Cares for Education, HK Cares for the Environment, HK Cares for Creative, and HK Cares for Social.

The HK Cares program that has been implemented in 2022 includes planting 51,897 trees around HK's business operations, the Rest Area Waste Management Unit whose pilot project was carried out in Rest Area 215B of the Terbanggi Besar Toll Road, Pematang Panggang Kayu Agung Lampung, scholarships, training for teacher certification, as well as capacity building for UMK in Rest Area 215B Lampung which was attended by 45 SMEs.

In the context of the 62nd Anniversary, the HK Cares for Education program was also carried out by providing educational infrastructure assistance for teaching and learning needs for teaching staff and students in the Jakarta, Banten, Bengkulu and Riau regions. Interestingly, the HK Teaching activity in Bengkulu was attended by 13 internal volunteers from Hutama Karya.


The several awards received by Hutama Karya from 2022 to 2023 include Best BUMN 2022 with Top Financial Performance and Initiatives Corporate Business Development awarded by Warta Ekonomi, 2nd Best Human Capital 2022 awarded by Economic Review, “Informative” Category in the Award

Public Information Disclosure 2022, Best Paper Award at the International Conference in Construction applications VR in Seoul Korea. At the beginning of 2023, Hutama Karya continued to show its existence by getting the Indonesian AwardExcellence Good Corporate Governance Ethics in Business Strategy to Create Reliable Infrastructure categoryInfrastructure Services Industry from Warta Ekonomi, Awarded Ranks II and III K/L Largest Budget for Increasing Use of Domestic Production (P3DN) in the BUMN Company category from the Indonesian Ministry of Industry and recently received an award in the BUMN Corporate Communication & Sustainability Summit 2023 category SME Development (Bronze ).

This award is proof of Hutama Karya's commitment to become Indonesia's Leading Infrastructure SOE.

“Of course this cannot be separated from the support and cooperation of all parties. The optimism and enthusiasm of Hutama Karya has made infrastructure development in Indonesia successful by producing the best work," concluded Tjahjo Purnomo, EVP Corporate Secretary of Hutama Karya.