Company History

Has been established for a long time, here is the history of our company.



1960 was the milestone of Hutama Karya's transformation from the private company 'Hollandsche Beton Maatschappij' to PN. HUTAMA KARYA. Since the transformation phase, PN. Hutama Karya has produced construction works that have historical and monumental value, such as the Republic of Indonesia DPR / MPR Building in Senayan, Jakarta, and the Dirgantara Statue Monument in Pancoran, Jakarta.



Mark the start of pre-press concrete technology in Indonesia, where PN. Hutama Karya was the first to introduce the BBRV prestige system from Switzerland. As a form of existence of this technology, PN. Hutama Karya formed a special prestress division. Also in this decade, Hutama Karya changed its status to PT. Hutama Karya (Persero).



Anticipating the challenges of an increasingly competitive construction business, Hutama Karya re-innovates through business diversification by establishing the Haka Pole Business Unit, which is a factory producing public street lighting poles as octagonal steel types, as well as expanding business overseas which is the beginning of innovation. Constructive technology with the creation of Effortless Turnaround 'SOSROBAHU' by Dr. Ir. Tjokorda Raka Sukawati.



In line with the development of innovation that continues to be improved, also in line with the rapid development and progress of construction technology, Hutama Karya has been able to produce high-tech products in the form of a Long Spans Bridge (Suspension Cable Bridge, Balanced Cantilever Bridge, Arch Steel Badge, Cable-Stayed). At that time, Hutama Karya also successfully met international standards in terms of quality, work safety, and the environment with the achievement of ISO 90002: 1999 certificate.



Entering the millennia era where the dynamics of the economy are increasing rapidly, Hutama Karya is revitalizing itself by developing business for the private sectors through the construction of High Rise Buildings and other infrastructure, such as toll roads. Along with these developments, quality remains a concern, as evidenced by the achievement of ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007 certificates



After a decade in the millennia era, Hutama Karya has strengthened its existence in the national construction industry. This is marked by business diversification through the establishment of a subsidiary in the field of property development and manufacturing of asphalt and steel.

2016 - 2022


In 2014, the government officially assigned Hutama Karya to develop the Trans Sumatera Toll Road. Through Presidential Regulation (Perpres) No 100 of 2014, which was later amended by Presidential Regulation No. 117 of 2015, the Government gave a mandate to Hutama Karya to develop 2,770 kilometers of Trans Sumatera Toll Road with 8 sections as the first priority. By 2024 Hutama Karya has succeeded in operating ±740 Km Trans Sumatera Toll Road. The Trans Sumatera Toll Road will continue to develop to connect the connectivity from Lampung to Aceh to support infrastructure sustainability for the Advance of Indonesia.