JAKARTA- PT Hutama Karya (Persero) (Hutama Karya) has been entrusted with a new project for Construction of the Jakarta Sewerage Development Project Wastewater Pipe Network Zone 1 Package 6 (Area 2-2) in DKI Jakarta Province. For the work on this project, Hutama Karya is working with PT Adhi Karya (Persero) Tbk through the Adhi-Hutama KSO, with Hutama Karya 49% and Adhi Karya 51%.

The signing of the contract was carried out last Wednesday (12/4) at the DKI Jakarta Provincial City Hall, byExecutive Vice President (EVP) General Civil Division Hutama Karya as well as Attorney Adhi-Hutama and John Arifin General Infrastructure I Adhi Karya together with owner Nelson, ST., MT., Head of Wastewater Management as Commitment Making Officer (PPK).

Executive Vice President (EVP) Corporate Secretary Hutama Karya Tjahjo Purnomo stated that in the Rp 620.772 billion project a waste water pipe network will be built that can improve the quality and quantity of proper and sustainable sanitation for communities in North Jakarta and West Jakarta. The long-term benefit of the presence of a wastewater pipeline network in DKI Jakarta Province is that it can reduce environmental pollution caused by household wastewater which has been disposed of directly into the environment such as into rivers, thereby increasing the quality of a clean and healthy environment.

"Through a centralized sanitation system service (off site sanitation) and local sanitation systems (on-site sanitation), the construction work of this wastewater pipeline network will accommodate areas that are not accessible and that there is no good waste water management available for the surrounding community, in the North Jakarta and West Jakarta areas," said Tjahjo.

Tjahjo further explained that in this project, Hutama Karya was responsible for pipe installation work, construction vertical shaft (where the shaft is a continuous hole between one floor and another for laying utility pipelines vertically), precast manhole construction, work repavement(re-asphalt of the affected roads) and work on the Occupational Safety & Health Management System (SMKK), with a target of completion by the end of 2026.

"In its construction, a number of effective work methods will be applied, such as the use of methods jacking pipe which allows installation of pipes without opening trench thereby minimizing damage to the environment and existing infrastructure. This method also minimizes disturbance to the surrounding community and businesses operating around the project site because it does not require a trench," said Tjahjo.

Tjahjo also said that Hutama Karya is committed to completing work with the right quality, on cost and on time with zero accidents. The results of the work can also be of maximum benefit to the community with the hope that in the future Hutama Karya can get similar projects both in DKI Jakarta and other parts of Indonesia.

"With an area of ​​3.9 hectares of Wastewater Treatment Plant (IPAL) and an WWTP capacity of 240,000 m3/day, it will be able to accommodate the disposal of wastewater for 989,389 people there," concluded Tjahjo Purnomo, EVP Corporate Secretary Hutama Karya.