JAKARTA — PT Hutama Karya (Persero) (Hutama Karya) has officially published the financial performance of semester I in 2022. Director of Financial and Risk Management, Eka Setya Adrianto, said that Hutama Karya recorded the growth in financial income, EBITDA, and the company’s assets. According to the unaudited financial report, in Semester I 2022, the total company’s assets grew significantly by 15,76 percent to 127,95 trillion rupiahs compared to the last year in the same period. On the other hand, the company’s equity rose to 76,99 percent, became 54,15 trillion rupiahs, and the liability decreased by 7,67 percent to 73,8 trillion rupiahs. 

“Not only that, but the company also recorded revenue worth 8,13 trillion rupiahs or an increase of 1,9 percent, and reported the growth of EBITDA of 1,71 trillion rupiahs or an increase of 44,70 percent in the same period as the previous year. This achievement is aligned with the economic recovery conditions, particularly those that cause traffic growth in the Trans Sumatera Toll Roads Section (JTTS)”, said Adri. 

Moreover, Director Operation I Hutama Karya, Gunadi explained that to boost construction’s performance, the company is more selective in joining the tender and choosing the new contracts to ensure the construction margin is suitable to increase the company’s profitability. 

Hutama Karya recorded the new contracts worth 5,83 trillion rupiahs in Semester I 2022. The segments that contribute the most to the acquisition of a company’s latest contract are the EPC sector with 41,84% and the road and bridge infrastructure sector with 45,47% of the total new contracts. Furthermore, the performance of the building project sector’s Hutama Karya also increased and generated profit, where the company recently achieved new contracts for Sanglah Hospital, Turyapada tower in Bali, and the parking lot building of TMII. 

“Up to Semester I/2022, the new contracts of Hutama Karya have been dominated by the private sector that contributes 50,40 percent, followed by the government sector with 26,50 percent and State-owned Enterprise (BUMN) 23,09 percent. Hutama Karya is optimistic about reaching the target of the new contract in 2022 as already set before,” added Gunadi.

With the total acquisition this year, Hutama Karya still reached the new acquisition contract to achieve the target that has been set before with focusing on the road and bridge projects. Those achievements cannot be separated from the improvement and transformation that was already done by the company, one of those was to improve the quality of construction products to gain value-added for the company’s portfolio, and improvement of operating expenses efficiency efforts. Additionally, the strategy implemented by the company to boost its performance in 2022 is to increase the business group’s collective strength base by strengthening the company’s and its subsidiaries' individual financial foundation. 

This good performance became a substantial capital for Hutama Karya to contribute to developing the country’s capital city (IKN) in East Kalimantan. After experience in constructing the Trans Sumatera Toll Road (JTTS), Hutama Karya is interested in joining the tender in several IKN projects in accordance with the general tender process, which optimally utilizes the capacity and capability of the company.

“Hutama Karya will maximize to actively participate in both non-JO and JO with other State-owned enterprises (BUMN Karya) or private enterprises. We targeted the project of toll road infrastructure, bridge, office buildings, water, and sanitary facility sector which will be auctioned in the IKN project,” stated Gunadi.

From the business side of toll road operation, Hutama Karya has recorded a significant increase in the trend of Traffic Volume of toll road sections that are managed by the company. 

Director Operation III Hutama Karya Koentjoro mentioned that during the period of Semester I 2022, the growth of Traffic Volume reached 21,32% compared to the same period of 2021.

“The growth of Traffic Volume, which has an impact on the profitability of the company’s growing revenue, can be realized in line with the economic recovery and the main market when the public allowed to back to their hometown during Eid Mubarak 2022 as well as the easing of social distancing that generates the significant growth of toll road that operated by Hutama Karya” explained Koentjoro.

Moreover, this growth is caused by the increase of new sections such as Binjai – Langsa toll road section 1 (Binjai – Stabat), and Sigli – Banda Aceh toll road section 2 (Seulimeum – Jantho). Thus, Hutama Karya projected the Traffic Volume would be recovered so that the revenue of toll roads would rise. On the construction side, Hutama Karya continued to develop the Trans Sumatera Toll Road sections that have already entered the last phase of phase 1, and this will become the connectivity between big cities of Sumatra which can bring a positive impact on the economic growth in the future ahead. 

At the moment, Hutama Karya focus on the finishing of 8 toll roads phase I of Trans Sumatera Toll Road (JTTS). The progress of each toll road are Sigli – Banda Aceh toll road (74 Km) with the total of construction progress up to 90,54%, Indrapura – Kisaran toll road (48 Km) with construction progress of 54.55%, Kuala Tanjung – Tebing Tinggi – Parapat toll road (143 Km) with construction progress 63,94%, Sp. Indralaya – Muara Enim toll road Section Indralaya – Prabumulih (65 Km) with construction progress 76,08%,  Padang – Sicincin toll road (38 Km) with construction progress 45,3%, Pekanbaru – Pangkalan toll road (65 km) Section Pekanbaru - Bangkinang (40 Km) with construction progress 83.58% and Section Bangkinang - Pangkalan (25 Km) with construction progress 62.33%, Bengkulu – Taba Penanjung toll road (17,6 Km) with construction progress 100%, as well as Binjai – Langsa toll road Section Binjai – Pangkalan Brandan (58 Km) with construction progress 58.07%.

In addition, the company is projected to be able to maintain financial performance in accordance with the projected 2022 target of new contract project opportunities that will be tendered this year and the resumption of projects that had been dormant during Covid-19.