J.A.K.A.R.T.A. - PT Hutama Karya (Persero) (Hutama Karya) through a joint operation (K.S.O.) with PT Brantas Abipraya (Persero) (Brantas Abipraya), namely K.S.O. HK-Abipraya is trusted to work on the project of Soreang - Rancabali - Cidaun Street Geometric Widening and Improvement in Bandung Regency to Cianjur Regency, West Java Province. The signing of the project contract was carried out on Wednesday (15/5) at the BBPJN DKI Jakarta – West Java Office. This signing activity was carried out by Ari Asmoko as Executive Vice President (E.V.P.) of the Hutama Karya General Civil Division as well as the K.S.O. HK-Abipraya attorney together with Wilan Oktavian, ST., M.P.P.M. as Head of the D.K.I. Jakarta - West Java National Road Implementation Center.

Operations Director I Hutama Karya stated that the presence of the Soreang - Rancabali - Cidaun Road Widening and Geometric Repair Handling project was aimed at widening the road and repairing potholes at several points. "The main purpose of implementing the Sireang - Rancabali - Cidaun road preservation package is to maintain the condition of the national road so that it remains feasible so that vehicle mobilization can run well and improve the regional economy, especially in the Soreang area and its surroundings," said Novias. Novias further explained that the main scope of work for this project includes road repairs of 60.11 km, drainage of 2.55 km, bridges of 26.90 m and routine maintenance of 84.05 km of roads and 376.3 m of bridges with a construction time of about 2.5 years from the signing of the contract.

K.S.O. HK-Abipraya has prepared a strategy so that this project can be completed on time and with right quality. "It is necessary to handle it by using a special pavement construction structure because the use of conventional asphalt is not recommended with geographical conditions that are not exposed to direct sunlight," concluded Director of Operations I Hutama Karya.

With the project for Handling Widening and Geometric Improvement of the Soreang – Rancabali – Cidaun road, it will increase the mobility of goods and services in the area, create jobs and support the economic growth of the surrounding community. Because the construction of this project is still in a state of Covid-19 alert, Hutama Karya ensures that it will always monitor and prevent the spread of the virus through the implementation of strict health protocols in the project environment.