State-owned Enterprises’ Young Leaders Share Experiences with Y20 Delegates

JAKARTA - Three leaders of State-owned Enterprises share their leadership experiences with Youth 20 (Y20) delegates in the Power Lunch event at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, on Monday (18/7/2022).

Those three speakers are Director of Financial and Risk Management PT Hutama Karya (Persero) Eka Setya Adrianto, Director of Financial and Risk Management PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk Adityo Kusumo, and Chief Marketing Officer InJourney Maya Watono.

In this Power Lunch event, the youth delegates came from several different countries to learn more about State-owned Enterprises in Indonesia. Moreover, the speakers also share their stories on how they can be like today. Hopefully, this Power Lunch event with the State-owned Enterprises leaders can motivate the youth delegates of Y20. 

Adityo Kusumo invites all Y20 delegates to keep learning throughout life. According to him, there is no age limit to continue to learn and grow. 

“My principle, there is no “too young” or “too old” for people to learn. So, I decided to move from my previous position to a different one. I thought it forced me to be more agile and flexible compared to my colleague,” said Adityo during his sharing session in Power Lunch Y20 Summit Indonesia 2022.

Moreover, Eka Setya Adrianto reminds the young delegates that integrity is the most fundamental attitude which must be possessed in order to be successful in a career and become leaders. Second, the adaptability toward the changes is also important, considering the world’s condition is full of uncertainty. 

“The third one, I thought, is persistence in achieving the goals or purposes. Not only your purposes, but the most essential one is the company and organization’s purposes. The last thing is collaboration; this one is much better compared to competing,” added Adrianto.

Meanwhile, Maya Watono reminds the youth that the carrier stage is like a marathon, not a sprint. So, the youth need to have persistence and an unyielding attitude.

“As the leader, you must know your strengths and weaknesses. Become who you are. And always believe in yourself and lead the way you believe in,” mentioned Maya to the Y20 delegates. 

About Y20
Indonesia has been chosen as the host country of the G20 and Y20 delegations of 2022. Four priority categories have been appointed in this event: youth employment, digital transformation, a sustainable and livable planet, diversity, and inclusion.

Indonesia Youth Diplomacy (IYD), a youth non-profit organization, became the official host to welcome the Y20 delegates worldwide. Before conducting the Y20 Indonesia 2022 summit conference, four pra-conferences for each priority category will be held separately in four different cities in Indonesia. Such as Palembang (the first pra-conference), Lombok (the second pra-conference), Balikpapan (third pra-conference), and Manokwari (the fourth pra-conference). The main agenda of the Y20 conference summit is held in DKI Jakarta and Bandung.